Ahoy, I'm Tuomo!

I'm a Fullstack Web Developer and teacher. I like to work with and teach Next.js, React and Javascript.

I also do card magic.

I do Youtube videos

I do programming and web development videos on Youtube. This is currently my main focus when it comes to teaching new things.

I teach web development courses

I am a teacher at Udemy and Skillshare. I am currently teaching courses on React, Draft.js, web development.

Check out the courses page for more.

I write blog posts

I have written blog posts for past couple of years. I enjoy teaching things I have learned through blog posts. Most of my posts are about Next.js, web development, React, Javascript.

Check out the blog page for more.

I do mentoring

I am passionate about teaching and honestly just want to help people out. Having someone give you constructive feedback or having someone to spar your ideas with can really help you reach new levels on your craft. That is why I also offer 1on1 mentoring sessions.

Send me email at tuomo(a)tuomokankaanpaa.com and let's talk!

I do consulting

If you need e.g. help or consulting on a project, debugging help, React components or tutorial video on specific topic, I might be able to help.

Send me email at tuomo(a)tuomokankaanpaa.com and let's talk!