I am a teacher at Udemy and Skillshare. Below I have listed the courses that I am currently teaching.

React for Beginners: Complete Guide to Mastering React Fundamentals

Learn React without distractions! In this course you will learn the fundamentals of React.js and learn to create your first React application.

The internet is full of tutorials and guides about React. As a newcomer to React, this isn’t always the best case. The quality of tutorials may vary and it is hard to know which things are actually important and which are not. It can be also confusing because you don’t know in what order should you study topics to learn React efficiently.

This course will teach you the very fundamentals of React! You don’t have to worry if you are learning things in the right order or what might be important and what is not. We will cover only the most important things you need to know about React to get started. After this course you will have very solid knowledge about React and you will be able to create your own interactive application using React.

Some of the topics we will cover

  • React Elements & Components
  • Working with JSX
  • Using data with Props
  • State
  • How to create stateless & stateful components
  • Building your first application

What prior knowledge is required?

  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is required
  • No prior knowledge of React is required
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Rich Text Editing In React With Draft.js

In this course we will go through how to add rich text editing features (such as bold, underline, italic) to your React application, using an open source framework called Draft.js.

You will learn

  • How to add rich text editor component to your React application
  • How to add features like bold and underline to the editor
  • How to save rich text content to database
  • How to load rich text content from database
  • How to edit saved content
  • How to display saved rich text content e.g. as HTML
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Create a Modern Professional Looking Website with HTML & CSS

On this course Tuomo Kankaanpää teaches how to create modern and professional looking website for your business. This course is totally beginner friendly and requires no previous knowledge about creating websites. At the end of this course, you will have the skills to create a modern professional looking website from scratch using HTML and CSS.

Websites are everywhere and creating websites, especially great looking websites is a needed skill in this day and age. Often it is thought to be a difficult and complicated task. This is not the case however!

So whether you are a photographer looking to create a business or portfolio website, a business owner looking to create a modern website for your business or if you are just interested in learning how to create a modern professional looking website, this course is for you!

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