Rome - New All-in-one Javascript Toolchain

Rome js

Facebook just introduced a new experimental JavaScript toolchain tool called Rome.

Rome is an experimental JavaScript toolchain. It was started by Sebastian McKenzie, author of Babel and Yarn and member of the React Native team at Facebook.

Rome includes compiler, linter, formatter, bundler, testing framework and more. It supports processing JSX, Flow and TypeScript code. It is not production ready and is under active development. The current focus of the Rome team is linting and they welcome contributors (well, who doesn’t)!

It aims to be "a comprehensive tool for anything related to the processing of JavaScript source code". It is not collection of existing tools and it actually doesn’t use any third-party dependencies.

The documentation of Rome is quite narrow by having installation, getting started and contributing sections, which is understandable given the stage of the project. Rome is not available via npm and it must be installed from Github. So it is self-hosted and it compiles itself with an old version.

I am very interested to see what direction Rome will go and if it will be the thing in the future. Right now it is still in the early stages and only time will tell what will come of it.

What do you think?

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